Marker Off Your Walls

A stubborn permanent marker stain on the bright wall is indeed upsetting. Treat the patch then and there to avoid the challenges later on. The stain gets strong every day, so don’t delay the cleanup. Thankfully, you need not resort to dangerous chemicals to eliminate the tough pigmentation. Simply use the tips below and bring the walls back to life.

Lemon Juice And Toothpaste Works Wonders

Take care of the stains as soon as possible to avoid a massive headache. The cleanup becomes ten times more daunting if shelved. Does the combo of lemon juice and toothpaste sound odd? However, this mixture can easily remove the rough patches on the walls.

Add a little toothpaste and lemon juice to a bowl of warm water. The number of lemons can vary according to the intensity of the stain. Stir the mixture until the toothpaste gets dissolved. Now, dip an old toothbrush or a cotton swab in the cleaning solution. Gently scrub the surface until the pigmentation disappears.

Try Using Alcohol

This is one of the most effective and easy-to-perform hacks used to break down harsh stains. Alcohol is quite fast in tackling stains. You will need some isopropyl alcohol to do this trick. Transfer the alcohol into a spray bottle for better and quicker access. Once the solution is prepared, gather some cotton swabs. Spray the alcohol on them and ensure that the swabs are properly soaked.

Move the cotton swab in a circular motion. Repeat this process until the patch fades. Replace the cotton swab if you notice any sort of discolouration. Alternatively, try using cotton brushes if there are too many markings. And if the situation is out of your control then you should hire a reliable home cleaning service.

Nail Polish Remover Helps Too

Nail polish remover works as an excellent cleaning agent for removing stains. Perhaps, this is the most accessible stain-removing agent. Nail polish removers can also be used to eliminate cloth stains. Apply a few drops of remover to an old rag or washcloth.

Ensure to not add so much of it. Don’t be so harsh on the wall; it may cause scratches on its surface. Wipe down the stained area gently, until you get the desired results. Rubbing the patches can increase the chaos.

Combine Baking Soda And Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar can do wonders in cleaning. You can use vinegar for many cleaning purposes like cleaning mould and mildew, cleaning drainage and so on. Baking soda can easily alleviate the permanent marker patch on the wall. Add a cup or two of warm water along with a teaspoon of baking soda to a clean bowl. Stir the solution thoroughly before its application. Use a brush to wipe down the patch.

If you feel that the situation is slipping out of hand, contact the professional house cleaners without any further delay. With their robust expertise, the experts can handle the toughest wall stains by using the right resources and supplies. 

Give Magic Eraser A Try

Magic erasers contain micro-scrubbers which makes them a great patch-removing agent. With a clean towel, apply some warm water to the stain. Scrub the affected area back and forth, using the magic eraser. You will notice the patches fading gradually. If the markings are large, continue the process. Otherwise, clean the spot with a damp cloth.