shed styles

Enjoying the outdoors is a pleasure we share with our furry friends. However, before granting them access to your yard, it’s crucial to ensure their safety. Here are some steps to make your outdoor space more pet friendly.

Start by tidying up. Even well-maintained yards can harbor hazards like sharp tools or pest traps. Store these items securely to prevent accidents.

Check your fencing for any damage that could allow pets to escape or other animals to enter. Repair any issues promptly or consider installing tall wooden fencing for added security and privacy.

Choose landscaping features with your pet in mind. Pet-friendly groundcover alternatives like synthetic turf or clover are safer and easier to maintain. Designate a specific bathroom area away from high-traffic zones to minimize mess.

Be cautious with plants and flowers, as some can be toxic to pets. Opt for dog-safe options and research any potential hazards before introducing them to your yard.

Provide access to water, especially during warmer months. Consider installing water features that also enhance your yard’s appeal.

Create shelters to protect your pets from the elements. Transforming an outdoor shed into a cozy retreat or investing in new shelters can provide comfort and security.

Enhancing your yard for pets doesn’t have to be costly. Explore budget-friendly options to create a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for your furry companions. For more ways to redo your yard for pets, see the added resource.

Infographic provided by Reeds Ferry Sheds, a provider of different shed styles