Beautiful kitchens are often the ones with worktops installed. This is how a blend of beauty and functionality is achieved. More importantly, worktops ensure that every square inch of space is utilized and productivity level is supposedly improved in the kitchen. Home owners often feel confused over choice of right materials for countertops as options are plenty. Quartz is one such material capable of elevating the aesthetics of kitchen spaces in an easy manner. For that reason, quartz kitchen worktops are always in great demand.

Here are a few reasons to choose quartz when it comes to kitchen worktops –  

Choice of colors and designs

Quartz gives home owners the much-needed choice in terms of colors and designs. You could look for a wide range of color options to match with the theme and tenor of your kitchen spaces perfectly. From greys to pure white, to deep reds and sparkles, you can all the colors of the rainbow and beatify kitchen spaces easily.  

Scratch resistant

Quartz is a hard material which is entirely scratch resistant. No matter when you use a sharp knife or anything else, your worktop is not going to get scratches ever. So, your work surface will always look clean and free of any blemishes no matter what you use. 

Impossible to stain 

The worktops made from quartz will be non-porous and non-bacterial in properties. Both these are reason enough to keep them impossible to stain. The material is such that it’s not vulnerable to staining and you can thus keep your kitchen surface squeaky clean with just a single cleaning exercise. 

Durable and non-breakable  

Quartz is a kind of material that is largely non-breakable in nature. It can thus deliver durability even if you drop some heavy kitchen objects on the surface. With a little care, you can make your worktop go on for years and add great visual value to kitchen spaces.   


You can expect good quality quartz worktops London to be almost maintenance free. They will also keep their polish intact for years without requiring much of effort from you. You can get them wipe dried and extend their longevity further.