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Ways to Use Rugs in Your Kitchen

9 Ways to Use Rugs in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home, from cooking to eating to being the gathering space where the family catches up each day. Optimize the...

Don’t Flush That! Common Household Items Damaging Our Drains and Environment

Many household items that are commonly flushed down drains can harm the environment and the health of your plumbing. The infographic below covers several household items that are commonly...
Garage Storage

Maximizing Garage Storage: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

The garage is a great place to store extra stuff in the house, but it’s important to watch out for what items are being stored. The infographic below, Garage...

The Hidden Dangers of Damp Homes: Mold, Structural Damage, and Health Risks

Damp homes when left untreated can result in mold as well as possibly serious structural damage to your home. It’s easy for a family living a damp home without...

Creating Harmony in Your Yard: Balancing Softscape and Hardscape

While planning out a yard for your home it’s great to balance softscape and hardscape throughout your property as it can increase your overall aesthetic of the space. Softscape...